Professional Grade Nutritional Supplements

Many prescription medications are known to deplete the body of necessary nutrients. It’s important to discuss the medications you are taking with a pharmacist who can recommend the appropriate supplement for your body’s needs.

Express Pharmacy carries an extensive line of professional-grade vitamins and supplements. All vitamins and supplements stocked are verified, quality for your optimal health. These medical-grade supplements are manufactured by following the same strict standards as pharmaceutical drugs.

You have the right to know what you are putting in your body!

Rx Express Compounding Pharmacy offers Professional grade vitamins and supplements that are free of binders, fillers, dyes, and unknown substances.



Don't simply believe what we say;

Listen what our clients have to say.

We have been working with RxExpress for years and have thoroughly enjoyed having them as our pharmacy. They are always diligent in providing us with their best service and care. We appreciate everything they have done for us and we look forward to continue working with them.


Dr. A and staff

Jan 18, 2023

  • ...but it just brings to light that this is the first time we've had to deal with that and I really appreciate how great you run your pharmacy. Normally that was a weekly or almost daily thing with some of the other compounders. So thank you so much!


    Dr. O

    Jan 18, 2023

  • Most patients don't realize that there is a vast difference in skill and training in compounding pharmacists and thus a vast difference in quality of products compounded and advice given. Ray at Rx Express has the highest quality certifications and ratings and continues his education far above and beyond the minimum requirements. Worth the trip and recommend with the highest regard.


    Dr. W

    Feb 04, 2023

  • The head pharmacist took a lot of time to discuss my medication with me snd was very patient snd generous with his time. So helpful and knowledgeable! Thank you so much!


    Cheryl Apostolos

    Oct 20, 2021

  • Nothing but great things to say, the head doctor always takes his time to get on the phone a d explain how to properly use the products. The whole staff is polite, professional and very knowledgeable. Thank you!


    Angie Lee

    Apr 24, 2021

  • Every time I come to pick up my son's medicines the Doctor and pharmacists that work there are very kind and follow up about the progress of my son's health, I really appreciate it!


    Alejandra C. Gonzalez

    May 18, 2022


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